Seal scearerThe Lofitech Seal Scarer was developed in 1988 for the fish farming industry, and we have through all these years further developed the scarer to be more powerful, easy to install and work . At the moment we dare say that our seal scarer is the most effective, simplest to install and operate - and the cheapest system in the market.

The interest for Lofitech Seal Scarer is increasing, and the last years we have sold many Seal Scarers to fish farmers and fishing vessels in Norway, Finland, Faroe Islands, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Russia, England, Scotland (also governmental institutions), Shetland, Iran, Namibia, South-Africa and Angola as well.

Today every Norwegian salmon farmer that have, or are afraid to get seal problems, has invested in our scarer

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. Nova Sea AS – a partly owned Marin Harvest salmon farming company in our region – have more than 40 seal scaring systems from Lofitech. They never put salmon into sea without having a Seal Scarer installed at the site at least 4 weeks before the fish come.

We see a new increasing marked in the construction of wind-mill parks, and we have delivered seal scarers to construction companies in Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands and UK .