The Seal Scarer is an acoustic seal repellent system. The sound produced by the Seal Scarer has been proved effective in keeping seal at a good distance from fish farms etc. The only condition being that the sound is not muted by surrounding rocks..

How it works
The system consists of a control unit and a transducer (sound head). The control unit contains a pulse generator and an amplifier and transmits random bursts of audio frequency signals to the transducer, where they are converted into intense sound. This sound is on a frequency which is extremely unpleasant for seal. Fish, however, will not react to it at all. Some people may find the sound intolerable, whereas others may not hear it at all. This is because the sound is transmitted in the upper limit of what the human ear can perceive.

Efficiency and economics
Experiments have shown that the sound is not 100% impenetrable for seal, and that given sufficient motivation they can bear the sound for short periods of time.

So far, more than 1000 units are sold in several countries all over the world, and savings of more than 15.000$ (USD) each month have been reported.

Other areas of use
We've become aware of that thrawlers have been using the Seal Seal Scarer to keep seals and sea lions away from the net during hauling. Due to to a successful use, even more thrawler companies decide to purchase our Seal Scarer. 

The price is from 1.6.2017 - NOK 64.200,- fob Norway (7.560 USD fob Norway).
(This price might change due to variations in exhange rates.)

Technical data:
-power consumption: 
approx 0.4A/12V

- sound pressure: 
approx 189dB/µP/m

- range: 
approx 300m (radius from the transducer/soundhead)

- coverage area: 
280.000 sq.metres

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