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Seal scarer

Do you want to keep seals and other marine mammals at a distance from your facility? Then we recommend that you contact us.

Lofitech has been developing and selling seal scarers (also called Acoustic Deterrent Device – ADD or Acoustic Harrasment Device – AHD) since 1988, and they are used all over the world, by various businesses.


  • Fish farms

    Lofitech has been selling seal scares to fish farms for over 30 years.

    The seal scarer keeps the seal at a safe distance from the facility, and as a result one is able to achieve both better appetite in the fish as well as less wear on the nets.

  • Offshore windmill park construction

    When wind turbines are to be installed, harmful situations are created for the marine mammals in the vicinity.

    Many EU countries have stipulated that it is mandatory to use the seal scarer before pile work begins, so that mammals, especially various seal species, are removed from dangerous areas.

  • UXO removal

    When old mines are to be detonated, it can injure marine mammals in the area.

    Lofitech has sold many seal scarers to various EU countries, thus removing marine mammals from dangerous areas before the mine explodes.

  • Salmon rivers

    Seals in the river ruin salmon fishing.

    A strategically placed seal scarer keeps the seals out of the river.

  • Fishing

    Several fishermen have bought seal scarers from Lofitech to keep marine mammals away, to ensure that the catch is not eaten.

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