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Does the seal scarer work?

Yes! - the scarer emits 189 decibels of sounds at irregular intervals under water, which all seals with normal hearing will be able to escape from.

A sure sign of this is that in over 30 years we´ve sold over 1,000 systems – 600 of which in Norway, the rest worldwide. We are constantly selling new systems to returning customers because they are going to build a new location, or their old scarers are worn out.

Various research institutes have also made experiments, and through this documented that the seal scarer keeps seals and a number of other marine mammals at a safe distance.

The seal scarer is very effective when it is used directly. Check the power supply and connections regularly, and make sure to get the equipment checked and calibrated every two years. Bad batteries or connections are often the cause if users experience that the equipment does not work satisfactorily.

Another tip is to put out the scarer in the facility well in advance of releasing the fish, as it is easier to keep the seals away that way, as opposed to getting them away after they have become accustomed to the "food bowl". In some cases, one can experience that old, large animals do not react to the seal scarer. This is because the animal has damaged hearing.

Is the fish frightened by the sound?

No! - the seal scarer operates at frequencies that are outside the fishes' ability to perceive sound. Even if we place the fish and transducer inside a tank, the fish will not react to the sound. Seals, on the other hand, will already notice the sound from 1000 meters away, and will rarely come closer than within a radius of around 300 meters.


When constantly charging the battery via mains power, it´s important to check the condition of the battery regularly. A battery is not everlasting!

Poor battery provides false security. The sound can be heard well by the workers at the plant, while the effect is minimal. In the absence of shore power, the equipment can be powered by the battery alone.

How to place the scarer in the system?

It is important that the transducer has a free "view" in all directions to protect a facility optimally.

The cable from the control unit above water and down to the transducer is 25 meters. If the nets are shallower than about 20 meters, it is best to place the scarer as centrally inside the system as possible.

If the nets are deeper than 20 meters, we recommend using two scarers, one in each opposite corner. This way the facility will be covered from both sides. An additional advantage of this solution is that if one of the systems should stop working for whatever reason, you have a security in the other one.

Other factors to be aware of

  • Seals around the cages will stress the salmon so that its appetite is reduced and in the worst case provokes disease. Several customers report improved growth after using a seal scarer from Lofitech.

  • Environmentally, the scarer is part of the security system against escapes, and far more humane than shooting or otherwise killing predators.

  • An installed scarer should be a factor in the negotiations with the insurance companies about a reduction in premiums. With an average lifespan of 5 years, the scarer is an affordable insurance, and the investment pays off quickly.

  • The system is very easy to install. Installation and user manual included. It is also easy to move the system from one location to another. (Just remember to consider any disinfection before deploying to a new location)

  • When diving, the scarer should be switched off so that the divers do not damage their hearing. Remember to switch on the scarer again when divers / workers leave the facility.

  • We recommend that the system is sent to us every two years for service and, if necessary, adjustment of the frequency and possible replacement of worn parts. This is a cheap insurance for the scarer to work optimally.

  • We´re happy to provide references if requested.

Technical data (std edition)

  • Power consumption:

    Approx 0.4A / 12V
    Maximum peak 30A / 12V

  • Sound pressure:
    189db rel 1uPa at 1m
  • Range:
    Approx 300m (radius from the transducer)
  • Coverage area:
    280.000 sq.metres
  • Cabel length:
    25 meters from control unit to transducer
  • Customization:
    Lofitech can customize the product in different directions, based on your needs. Get in touch to discuss needs and opportunities.

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