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Fish farms

When a seal approaches a fish farm, the fish will be stressed. This results in reduced appetite, which makes the fish more prone to diseases. If you are really unlucky, the seal can also damage the nets.

A seal scarer strategically placed in a facility will keep the seal at a good distance from the facility. The scarer is easy to install and easy to use. Many fish farmers have used Lofitech seal scarers for 30 years. Every year, a number of new scarers are sold to fish farms around the world.

It is important not to confuse the seal scares with simple "pingers" that only transmit faint sound signals and have completely different uses. In order for the seals to stay away for a longer period of time, loud sound signals are transmitted at irregular / unpredictable intervals.

The scarer is powered by batteries, preferably with constant charging with shore power. To get sufficient sound pressure, the battery must have a good capacity.

There should be one scarer at each location - in some locations it will be beneficial to have two scares. When releasing fish at a new location, it may be beneficial to place a seal scarer some time in advance before the fish is released into the facility.

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